Monday, March 1

new music monday.

happy march!

coeur de pirate . printemps .

currently swimming in new music found here: 

Wednesday, February 24

pete yorn + scarlett johansson

great energy. 
totally danceable
two thumbs up from kariberry.

new shoes new shoes new shoes!

a cute pair of of gently used shoes from buffalo exchange.


two pairs of brand sparkling new eco-friendly shoes from ecocitizen.

did you know that for every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need?

the bow on these is optional. good idea!

Friday, February 12

ways to improve a suboptimal mood.

go for a bike ride.

paint your nails. typing, among other things, is 100% more fun with painted nails.

sip a cappuccino. bonus points if barista does coffee art.

ichat with loved ones.

Wednesday, February 10